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Nutritional Support for the Cardiac System

The Inselman Institute is dedicated to helping patients regain their health through safe and natural methods. Dr. Inselman's 25 years of clinical experience combined with the most caring bedside manner allows him to deliver healthcare that most patients just long for. Our office is conveniently located in Coral Springs, Florida.

For People who want to obtain nutritional support for their cardiac system

Even people with disease processes need good nutrition. Through functional digestive testing, we are able to accurately diagnose exactly where the nutritional dysfunction is and through dietary modification and supplemental enzymes help the body to restore homeostasis (balance). Today heart disease is the number one killer in America. If you suffer from any disease process, you will need to have your medical doctor treat your disease. Enzyme nutrition does not treat disease; it only helps nutrients get passed an incompetent digestive system. We have found that even sick people need good nutrition. When nutrients get passed an incompetent digestive system many patients report that their medical doctors were able to lessen or discontinue their medications.

People who want nutritional support for the cardiac system will come to the office for an initial consultation and preliminary examination. During that time, Dr. Inselman will obtain a complete history where you will discuss your present condition, past history, family history and other pertinent information that will help him to learn about you and your lifestyle. He will also review any tests that you have had performed previously.

The preliminary examination is designed to give Dr. Inselman important clinical information so he can decide what additional testing is needed. The preliminary examination will include a preliminary structural, function, and physical examination. A BIA (Bio-Impedance Analysis) will also be performed.

After the preliminary examination and BIA analysis, Dr. Inselman will review the findings and order any additional tests that are needed to enable him to accurately pinpoint your problem and develop an individualized and specific course of nutrition for you. Dr. Inselman will manage your nutrition and your medical doctor will treat and manage your medical conditions. Click here to learn more about Bio Impedance Analysis

Our Promise to our Patients

Direct, personal attention in an unrushed atmosphere, are just some of the qualities that you will experience when you become a patient. The bottom line is, we care deeply about you and your health and we will do everything in our power to help you return to the activities and quality of life that you are missing. You have our promise.

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